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PEI has purchased interests in over 130 leading private equity funds, mostly in the United States. These interests have been acquired in transactions of less than $1 million to greater than $100 million from a diverse group of investors in the United States and overseas.

PEI is experienced in transactions of this nature and has consistently demonstrated its ability to efficiently price investments and professionally execute transactions.

Over the years, PEI has developed extensive relationships with General Partners who know and trust PEI’s professionals. GPs appreciate not only our creativity and flexibility, but also our efficiency and discretion.

Solutions for General Partners

  • Wind down of older primary funds or funds-of-funds
  • Extension of fund term via tender offer to LPs
  • Partnership restructuring
  • Exit alternatives for portfolio companies
  • Strip sale or economic interest transfer
  • Purchase of direct holdings

Solutions for Limited Partners

  • Purchase of LP interests
  • Economic sharing arrangements

Solutions for Corporate Ventures

  • Purchase of non-strategic holdings
  • Restructuring or spin out of manager(s)
  • Wind-down of venture program
  • Partial sale of interest in holdings to minimize impact to balance sheet

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