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LP Solutions

PEI provides liquidity to limited partners of private equity funds including venture capital, buyout, growth equity and mezzanine funds and to investors with portfolios of direct holdings.

On their own initiative or referred by a GP, LPs approach PEI to pursue a sale of their LP interests, and possibly additional private holdings. In such cases, PEI performs a valuation and legal review of the interests, provides a cash purchase price to the LP and manages an efficient and discreet transaction process.

With older funds, multiple LPs may have an interest in liquidity in a fund that a GP will continue to manage. In these cases PEI will make an offer for “any and all interests” in the fund and step in as a substitute limited partner for those LPs that would prefer not to extend the fund’s term. PEI’s extensive experience makes it a reputable and trusted substitute limited partner.

Solutions Enable LPs to:

  • Achieve liquidity for investments before the end of the life of a fund
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of holding older funds with limited remaining value
  • Redeploy capital to more strategic investments
  • Correct over-allocation issues
  • Meet regulatory requirements

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